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NOSafeMode – The LEGAL and ELEGANT way to Disable F8, Disable Safe Mode and Disable Advanced Boot Options in Windows NT™ based Operating Systems (Including Windows 2000™, Windows XP™, Windows Vista™, Windows 7™ and Windows 8™)


Currently Microsoft® offers no way to prevent access to their boot menu, leaving the computer with an open door for unauthorized users to gain access to settings, files and your valuable information. The idea for this application came when in fact I found no way to properly secure the boot process of a Windows™ machine that did not involve an illegal “Hack”, that did not “Break” the normal operation of the machine, and that did not have a complex and intricate process for locking and unlocking a system.


With this simple tool of about 60Kb* in size, you’ll have the ability to protect the boot process of a Windows NT™ based machine (NT/2000/XP/XPe/Vista/Server2xxx/Windows 7™/Windows 8™).


Why use NoSafeMode?


·  Hacking NTLDR is ilegal and prevents you to access ANY boot options - even when you really NEED to.

·  Altering the SafeBoot registry will cause your computer to crash on every attempt to boot into safe mode - which may corrupt your system files and prevent further boot attempts of any kind. Not to say other boot options (i.e. Last known good configuration) are still available.

·  NoSafeMode allows only authorized users to access ALL boot options by using the lock password.

·  Protects Boot Recovery options on Window Vista™, Windows 7™ and Windows 8™


Specifications of this tool:


·  100% LEGAL – NO Hack/Modification of Operating System files is involved.

·  Does NOT modify/damage/Corrupt the Operating System’s registry.

·  Ease of Use – NO Setup required, runs directly from any removable media.

·  Easily Reversible – You can unlock/relock the system anytime by running the same tool.

·  Password Protection – Secure protection that can only be removed with a lock password.

·  Disables ALL keys during boot process, so the system boots without any interference.

·  Command line parameters to lock/unlock system boot process SILENTLY.

·  Small, Fast, efficient and inexpensive way to protect the boot process of your machines.

·  NEW: Option to enter the lock password at boot time to enable boot option keys.

·  NEW Version 3: Fully re-written for best compatibility with newer machines!.


Trial Version


  • Lock will expire (no longer work) at mid-night of the day it was installed
  • Command line parameters are disabled




Licensing (Please read our Terms before purchasing):


·  Standard (Personal Use): $14.95 (Reduced Price)

   Allows you to use this tool on any machine you own personally.


NOSafeMode Standard (Personal Use)
INSTANT Delivery by AvanGate


·  Professional (Commercial Use): $89.95 (Reduced Price)

   ONE-Time fee allows one single company to use this tool on any machine owned by the same company.


NOSafeMode Professional (Commercial Use)
INSTANT Delivery by AvanGate


Thank You Note:


By purchasing this software you’ll be supporting research and development of new technologies in the computer science fields. I am a pro-open source initiative and have been and currently am involved in many open source projects, however I need ways to attain the resources to continue development of such projects, and that’s the only reason why I’m selling this software. If you’re part of a larger corporation and desire to make a specific deal/offer, please feel free to contact me at wbbo@hotmail.com. Thank you for your understanding and support.


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